Good Afternoon All!

Today we would like to share with you all the answers to a few frequently asked questions that we receive. Check them out below:

1.       Is VSCHOOLZ a virtual school?

VSCHOOLZ is not a virtual school. VSCHOOLZ provides the fully hosted, customizable solution for schools to be able to launch their own virtual school.

2.       What exactly does VSCHOOLZ do then?

VSCHOOLZ provides the capabilities to schools, individual students, and corporations to create a virtual learning environment, an online version of their own organization.

3.       What can VSCHOOLZ do for schools?

By using VSCHOOLZ, schools are able to create a “virtual version” of their own programs. VSCHOOLZ provides the platform, the communication tools, the support, and the content to have a digital learning environment. We also take traditional course content from publishers, or your own creative materials, and turn that into digital courseware that is customized to fit the individual needs of each client we have.

4.       Does VSCHOOLZ provide any assistance to homeschooling students?

Yes, we are able to assist individual students who would like to receive a virtual homeschooling environment to make a more flexible schedule for themselves. In addition to virtual classes we are able to provide AP curriculum, credit recovery, tutoring, enrichment, and a wide variety of other educational opportunities to students.

5.       In addition to working with schools and individual students, VSCHOOLZ is also able to work with corporations, what can you provide them?

For any corporation we are able to take their training materials and create a customized training environment to meet their needs.

Increase efficiency by offering employee training online when it is convenient to the employee.

6.       If I’m an administrator at a school and I want to use the VSCHOOLZ system, will my teachers be able to make the transition smoothly?

With training and support, yes! The VSCHOOLZ system is completely teacher, administrator and student friendly. We provide teachers with teacher training sessions in person and through the use of webinars to ensure that the individual instructor has the knowledge and confidence to use the system. After the initial training phase, all teachers have access to our teacher support, help desk or ongoing webinars.

7.       Since VSCHOOLZ provides teacher support, do you also provide student support?

For students who are using VSCHOOLZ and need any form of assistance with the system or their classes, we have a help desk, webinars and live tutoring options to answer all questions. We also have technical assistance readily available.

      As always, if you ever have a question or would like additional information please contact us! We’re here to help provide you with the best virtual learning experience possible!

- Angelina, Director of Marketing